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Connect is a youth health initiative of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare Foundation. It brings together and supports organizations that serve Spartanburg County teens by spreading awareness of resources, strengthening community partnerships and assessing adolescent health issues.

Rated T for teen friendly.

Connect collaborates with local youth-serving agencies to build and develop youth-friendly services and implement evidence-based interventions. Along with raising awareness of youth issues, Connect helps break down barriers to services so you can better access what you need when you need it.

For Teens

The team working for local teens.

The Connect initiative is a part of the Spartanburg Regional Foundation. The Spartanburg Regional Foundation serves a vital role in the Upstate of South Carolina by supporting Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and non-profit organizations who work to address healthcare needs in the community.

Spartanburg Regional Foundation

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The Connect team works to improve adolescent health and wellness in local schools, communities and medical settings. Fully funded by adolescent health grants, we provide training, technical assistance, data analysis, youth and parent engagement, communications and advocacy of adolescent health priorities with the goal of improving policies, protocols and programs for teens.